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I am a cancer and believe in the cancer discription. I am very loyal, independent, dedicated,and a good spirted person, but I am able to become aggresive and devious if the quality's of my charecter are disrespected. I do not like to be disregarded physically, emotionally, or mentally. This is what pisses me off the most!
HighSchool: Rome Free Academy
College: University of Phoenix
JuniorHighSchool: George Staley Junior High School
Music: I can get into everything, except for Heavy Metal. I am most drawn to R&B.
TV: My favorite daytime shows are Two and a Half men, and King of Queens. My favorite nightime shows are House, Brothers and Sisters, and Grey's Anatomy.
Books: My favorite author is James Patterson, and John Grisham.
Sports: My favorite sports to watch would be Basketball, Beach Volleyball, and Gymnastics, I also like to watch the Olympics(every sport). My favorite sports to play are Volleyball and Softball, but I can get into anything because I am a very active person and like to have fun.
Interests: My interests are going to the movies, and hanging out with friends, whether it be sitting at home listening to music and playing cards or going out occasionally. I love shopping and eating out.
Movies: My favorite actors are Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington,John Travolta, and Dakota Fanning . My favorite movies are The Five Heart Beats, The Negotiater, and Armeggedon.
BestFeatures: My lips, dimples, and eyes. I also like the tone in my legs.
Dreams: My dreams are to get married, be finacially stable with a career in Psychology. I would like to have total peice of mind and complete happiness. AM I LIVING A DREAM?

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