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well i have a Son...he is 4yrs old..... but anyways, i just like to hang out and have fun even if its fun that gets you into trouble lol. just kidding im a good girl. haha----i am currently working at gas station now its full time ...i quit shopko..but anyways i was born here in Richland,Wa and then we moved to Neosho,Mo and i liked it there but my parents moved back to Richland,Wa...sucks ass lol j/k. i like it here..sorta
HighSchool: Richland High School
Music: umm just bout everything...........cept that hard rock and metal crap...lol no offense to anyone
TV: yes i watch it... IM A BIG FAN OF WWE AND ECW SO YEH I LOVE TO WATCH WRESTLING...i watch it everytime its on!!! lol And The Girls Next Door..good show! And Rescue Me! And Currently im addicted to House
Books: n/a
Sports: n/a
Movies: n/a cuz i dunno too many to write down ....but ill write a few im big on comedy movies cuz i like to laugh...and scary movies too so ya
BestFeatures: My eyes and chest lol and i have a nice lil booty too

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